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Spike's Expertiese

Work method

Seurity Survey


Risk Analysis / Assessment



Security Detailed Plan





Equipment and Technology




System Implementation


Security System upgrade

  • Study of the existing object’s security gaps and competence

  • Immediate recommendations


  • Identifying scenarios and their probability

  • Identifying security gaps and vulnerabilities

  • Assessing potential damage per scenario


  • Object folder (mapping)

  • Security Procedures (routine; emergency; evacuation; training)

  • Cooperation with collegiate bodies (INTEROPERABILITY)


  • Professional training at all security guard levels

  • Command level training

  • Special forces: anti-terror, riding squads


  • Advanced technology equipment, Israeli made

  • Command and Control rooms

  • Personal and unit arms

  • Tailored security equipment, budget oriented


  • Turn-key operation

  • Escorting Phase I

  • Object’s partial (segments) implementation


  • Review, recommendations

  • Upgrade implementation; periodical checks and reporting

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